About Us

Ltd. "Juventa" is a Ukrainian manufacturer of bathroom furniture and furniture for home of two brands: TM Juventa and TM Botticelli. Our company began its work on April 5, 2000.

Our advantages

During this time, we have proved to our clients that the bathroom furniture of our production is quality, elegance, practicality, and functionality. It will pleasantly surprise you because:

1. It is made both manually and on modern equipment. During the complete technological cycle of production of bathroom furniture, we use the latest technologies, namely high-precision equipment and digital software control from global brands - CEFLA S.p.A, Italy; SCM GROUP S.p.A, Italy and others.

2. Materials used in the manufacturing of furniture are supplied by the best manufacturers of Ukraine and Europe. Our production is the most modern in Eastern Europe and meets the requirements of quality and safety.

3. Our products are not only correspond to fashion and design trends, but also comfortable and functional. We think over the smallest details: practical internal separation of boxes, laundry baskets and other functional features.

4. We provide a 24-month guarantee and after-sales service for all bathroom furniture.

Are you interested to know our production better? Then watch the video for 3 minutes, which will allow you to learn all the technological processes of TM Juventa and TM Botticelli.

We produce bathroom furniture, furniture for home, and every day confirm to our customers that high-quality and reliable furniture can be produced in Ukraine. In our catalog you will find more than 140 products in the assortment of TM Botticelli and more than 300 units in the assortment of TM Juventa. We work every day to ensure that you can choose the perfect furniture for your home!